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    Now, of course knowing how to draw before jumping into painting is not a rule. If you’d wish to paint and are passionate about it and you dedicate time and effort in doing so, I’m sure you could achieve amazing results nonetheless! 


But this post is about my own thoughts on the matter, which are PRO knowing how to draw before painting. 


     So why do I think it would be better to learn how to draw first? Well, from my experience as an artist, knowing how to draw made my transition to painting much easier when it came to lights and shadows as well as the perspective and construction of things. 


     I did want to skip the whole drawing process as I thought painting would be so much more exciting. So, I tried it. The first one was a failure and so was the second one and the third one. It was quite frustrating and I started to realize that the subjects I chose to paint were way out of my league. Mostly figures, portraits and the occasional landscapes. That was clearly not working out for me.


     So, I started to understand that I had to learn how to draw in proportion, as portraits and figures were my priority. After that, I started adding values to my drawings and slowly fell in love with the process of drawing and it has been my passion for a very long time. By  the time I thought I was doing well, I decided to create a painting, just for the fun of it.  I chose to paint a face. Of course, by then I had some knowledge about color as well, even if I wasn’t practicing. I have to say that maybe for the first time, I was satisfied with the outcome.


     In fact, I liked it so much that I chose to switch to painting for a while. Got myself some acrylics and  went for it. It has been so satisfying knowing that such a long time of drawing practice has paid off. From there, I just kept experimenting with different subjects and was happy with the construction of things, but not so much when it came to color. There is always room for improvement. And so, the next step began. I was, am and will continue to be in a constant learning process. I got into oil paints recently and they’ve stolen my heart quickly.


     This is just a snippet of my experience with drawing and painting. This could, of course, be different for you. In the end, it doesn’t really matter which train we take, as long as the destination is the same. Keep practicing. It’s all part of the process of becoming amazing.







Knowing How to Draw
Before Painting

05 November 2020

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